Featured: Artist ZoTheJerk’s single “Attention”

The single is currently streaming on Spotify and all major music streaming services.

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Hip Hop Only is today featuring artist ZoTheJerk’s single Attention! It is part of his EP Be Dope and is a well-crafted musical piece with a stunning arrangement. The sublime vocals allured us totally. What captivated us is the majestic display of surreal lyrics with power-packed delivery by the artist.

Why does Attention give a distinct musical experience? Well, for a start ZoTheJerk’s music has a very diverse sonic palette. It is quite audible in his delivery, his flow and the conscious usage of multiple melodic tones that he utilizes to create an exquisite blend!

And if after listening to Attention you crave for more music then listen to the EP – Be Dope! The entire EP comprises amazing tracks and would satiate music lovers’ desire to listen to something remarkable.

The single is currently streaming on Spotify and all major music streaming services.

About the artist: ZotheJerk found his passion at an early age winning showcases and performing in his hometown of Detroit MI. With leadership and drive ZotheJerk was able to create relationship with the late Big Proof of D12. Their relationship emerged a plan to stroke a deal with Big Proofs label Iron Fist Records. Unfortunately, the venture ended with Big Proof’s untimely demise. After relocating to Kansas City, he decided to redefine himself as an artist. After extensive days, hours and gallons of coffee ZotheJerk has found his niche’ and Hip Hop “Soul Music” was born. This emotionally charged depiction of himself finds him vulnerable as he holds nothing back. His aggressive outspoken style puts the listener at the mercy of vivid storytelling. ZotheJerk effortlessly maneuvers through barren beats giving them life through his poetic stanzas.

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