Avalanche The Architect

Avalanche The Architect releases his new album “Let There Be War” (Explicit Content)

The album is now streaming on Spotify.

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Hip Hop Only is today sharing an exclusive album by well-known artist Avalanche The Architect. Known for his albums Avalanche Season and the Diamond Album, the artist is back with another full-fledged album titled Let There Be War.

It comprises tracks Talk the Talk, Ango Ambo, Lyrical Mastery, The War in Ukraine, Boom Bap Barbarian and many more riveting songs and is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Avalanche The Architect, this aggressive and ferocious rapper has a unique and distinct style of delivery matched with a rhyme structure formed like no other. His vocal onslaught is balanced by the lyrics that build the story of his life. His dedication to his craft stems from the discipline he has gained over the years from his personal and professional MMA training/fighting. He has been featured on songs with the likes of Cappadonna, Choclair, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Drake to name a few. 

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