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Featured: Yolanda Arrey’s latest single ‘Neon’

Originally from Cameroon, Yolanda Arrey is a soulful Blues, Pop and R&B artist based in Texas.

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Today, Hip Hop Only is featuring the artist Yolanda Arrey, known for her riveting songs. She has recently announced her new album ‘I AM THE STORM’, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new single “Neon” from this upcoming release. “Neon” is a peppy track with invigorating beats and a stunning arrangement. The intro is sublime, drawing us effortlessly into this sonic journey. The rhythms are scintillating, featuring powerful transitions that captivate the listener’s psyche in a unique way. However, the true highlight of the single is Yolanda’s vocals. With her surreal touch and the deep emotions embedded in her intonations, she creates a dynamic enigma that is irresistibly addictive. Indeed, after a few listens, “Neon” becomes hard to resist on repeat!

Her album “I AM THE STORM” is set to be released in June 2024. If “Neon” is any indication, music lovers are in for a treat with the full album. Be sure to keep an eye on her official social media for updates about the release.

In the meantime, you can stream “Neon” on Spotify, where it is also featured on our official Spotify Playlist.

About the artist: Originally from Cameroon, Yolanda Arrey is a soulful Blues, Pop and R&B artist based in Texas. Arrey debuted in 2016 with her album “The Bayou.” The record did well and opened up a lot of opportunities for the aspiring artist, like a headline show at the historic Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City. The awards followed, including Best Cinematography for “My Heaven” at the Utah Music Awards. Then she became the first independent artist to perform at the world famous Deer Valley Festival in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. She has done all of this without the backing of a major label.

For more details visit: www.yolandaarrey.com

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