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Exclusive: Joe Kane’s new single “Stuck in the Sky”

The single is currently streaming on Spotify.

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Hip Hop Only is today featuring the new single by artist Joe Kane. It is titled Stuck in the Sky. The single has truly vibrant beats with stunning and powerful vocals of Joe alluring us to bask in this riveting track. The arrangement is distinct and quite effective due to a wonderful blend of minimal melodic tones and emphasis on reverberating synth sounds. Joe has a unique delivery style and certainly charms us with his powerful wordplay! Also, the narrative that is being conveyed through the music is enthralling. Truly, it is a remarkable asset of Joe to be able to come up with such a marvelous single. Compared to his other notable songs such as Sunday Funday and Ain’t Surprised, Stuck in the Sky carries an almost experimental style however it also showcases the musical range of Joe Kane. Albeit, once you stop listening to this single the tune “Stuck in the Sky” reverberates for a long time in the mind of the listener.

Stuck in the Sky is part of his upcoming album PO$$UM. Make sure to follow the artist for updates about his future releases.

This super addictive single is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Joe Kane is a rapper from Houston, TX. He started rapping in 1988 and continued his hardships. It took him five years more to find his first album release in 1993. Since then he has released three albums and dozens of mixtapes. He has earned collaborations with 2 Chainz, Coughee Brothaz, Slim Thug, Juicy J (Three 6 Mafia) and many others throughout his rap career. Lately he has been busy working on his upcoming album “PO$$UM” which is going to be released summer of 2022. Joe’s fans and audiences are eagerly waiting and following him on Instagram @joekillakane.

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