Lil Chimey

Who is Lil Chimey?

His song with Lil Tjay, “Dream” is going viral with over 350k streams!

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Cody Chaves better known as Lil Chimey is a Canadian Portuguese Hip Hop Recording artist. Lil Chimey has been making music for over seven years. Chimey was born & raised in Canada, in a small city named Cambridge near Toronto. Chimey started off with a dream to have people listen to his music and make money. From a young age, he grew up listening to Soulja Boy, King Lil Jay, Chief Keef, & many more drill artists. At the age of 16, he was already networking with “SODMG” Soulja Boy’s label and got co signed to Miami Mike under “PTE”,  Palm Tree Entertainment. He has been co signed by many big names in the industry such as Soulja Boy, Rich The Kid and many more notable artists and producers. His main goal was to market himself and focus on his flow & delivery with his melodic autotune flow, and turn-up drill vibes. Lil Chimey can go from making love music to turn up in a second and this shows how diverse he is as a musical artist. Lil Chimey started to make his name get bigger with networking strategies & hard work! Lil Chimey then signed a distribution deal back in 2020 under SonyMusic TheOrchard Dropping his first-ever mixtape on all platforms “FREE PORTUGAL”. Near the end of 2021, he signed a big major distribution deal under Equity Rocnation. He dropped his first single of the year “Money Gang”. His song with Lil Tjay, “Dream” is going viral with over 350k streams! Cody Chaves better known as Lil Chimey is making major moves in the industry with major features with Lil Tjay, Soulja Boy, Famous Dex, Jay Critch, Lil GotIt, Peso Peso, & Many More with over 7 + million streams worldwide.

Lil Chimey is very active on social media and can be found on all social media platforms. 

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