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“Elements of Life” by James Roan and Richy B is Going to Shock the Music World

We are very excited to see what’s in store for James and Rich after the album releases.

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How often do you hear of Rapper-Producer duos in today’s time? In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s it was a common thing due to the combo creating their own style and sound. In this day and age, that’s long been done and over with as the overall sound has drastically changed. Most modern hip-hop has similar cadences, production and rapping style. James and Rich want to be the ones to usher in a new era of hip-hop. Their upcoming album “Elements of Life” promises to deliver quality work and music to the masses. It’s very difficult to stand out in a town like Miami with the stereotypes, but these two are determined to make it out of the underground.

Topics like Lust, Passion, Anger, Happiness, Fun, Addiction, Love, Mental Health, Hard Work etc. When you take over two years like they have to create such material, this is the result of such. Rich has put in a tremendous amount of work on the boards with many instruments present on every single song. Guitar, Drums, Piano Synths are others are present. This is what enhances James’ lyrics even more by coupling the two together, hence making a brand new style not yet heard, especially in the genre of rap.The album artwork is still in development and will be revealed soon. In addition, there will be featured artists such as Chris260, as well as background vocals from Michaela Springs. Overall, there should be around a dozen or so songs to complete the project. Cohesively, it shall flow seamlessly from start to finish with no skips.

We are very excited to see what’s in store for James and Rich after the album releases. We know they’ve worked extremely hard on this, so it shouldn’t disappoint one bit.With music like this, we are confident this can take them from the 2020’s well into the next decade of the 2030’s. James gave us a final statement saying “It’s simple, the music is timeless and everyone will get to hear it, the world awaits”.

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