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Is abstract art a minority?

The truest value of art does not lie in its sale price; its power to affect and impart experience is the more important factor.

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Art and imagination hand in hand are limitless and unbounded; it is only the human mind which can limit this power. Our common idea about art is that it’s a form of statement or expression; an outlet of emotions, a system to provoke intellect and understanding from one medium to another. Ever since the recognition of art as its own discipline; scholars and artists alike have found ways to discover the principles of aesthetics through various art forms, thus creating certain ‘criteria’ to differentiate art from complete, thoughtless garbage.

Today however; in our age and time, the creation of abstract paintings and art is constantly undermined, only because of its seemingly preposterous form. Even artists can not do away with the typical explanation of postmodernism and other theories, once their work is critiqued by the general public. So the question is: have abstract paintings become a minority?

Abstract Art in the Industry

Throughout the years of abstractionism, abstract art has been gradually gaining popularity. With the advent of seasoned painters such as Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keeffe, abstract paintings have gained their own niche in the art industry. Perhaps this is because of the years that it gained acclaim — 21st century art dealt with the less impressionistic — traversing attempts for modernism and minimalist creations, while retaining the constant need for appreciation. In a marketable point of view; abstract art for sale has always been in all-time lows since it is hard to find the right audience. Of course in the hierarchy of things, more art lovers find impressionist paintings worthy to be bought than vague ones such as an abstract art for sale.

The truest value of art does not lie in its sale price; its power to affect and impart experience is the more important factor. Try attending an art gallery for example; there will be more art lovers from different walks of life, expect a pool of people appreciating a certain piece of abstract art. This is because the magic of such a deconstructed figure interests people; what might be apparent in art gallery paintings may not be visible with this abstract art, it needs the audience’s full attention — here alone, the abstract art wins the crowd. You can still count on an abstract art gallery to be present in your city or state; there will always be a specific crowd who enjoy the eccentricity of these art forms.


We can never say at this time and age that abstract art is a minority – the better explanation behind it is that it caters to a specific audience. Also in online art galleries like GalleryToday, abstract paintings for sale are the main theme there, so they are quite highly required by decorators and art collectors as an investment. The term ‘minority’ is not apt for such a fine creation as abstract art; it is not a lesser art form, it is in itself a masterpiece. In saying so; learn that while other paintings impart aesthetics as a greater element in their composition, the most essential aspect of an abstract work is how it makes a person think, affecting him or her in different ways. In this stand alone, abstract art wins its own crowd.

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