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Featured: Artist Lette Weaver’s new scintillating single “Toxic”

The single is now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming platforms.

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Hip Hop Only is today featuring artist Lette Weaver’s new single. It is titled Toxic and is a splendid number with a phenomenal vibe. Known for her sensational lyricism the artist is back with another incredible track. In Toxic, the intro is riveting with sublime synth sounds that are quite vibrant and animated. And after that Lette’s delivery takes us on a stunning musical journey. Her flow is extremely distinct and her subtle vocal nuances certainly cajoled us throughout the entirety of the song.

Lette seems to weave her coherent storytelling skills and a narrative that is showcased with lines like “See my reflection and ain’t no different“. Truly, compared to her other notable singles such as All That and Hold It In, Toxic is structurally different. Albeit, the sonic variety is quite distinct that evokes an unconventional musical experience. To be able to express the creative powers that can capture the psyche of the listener is not an easy task. But with bold lyricism and extremely powerful vocals, Lette does craft a compelling path of discrete portrait in the track where an artist is rarely able to traverse.

The composition also has a unique blend of modern day sound along with a contemporary subdued tonality. The transitions are mellow that mix well with overall sections of the song. Lastly, the outro is something which we haven’t heard for a longtime in the current era of music. The soft yet sentimental melodic tones express a brilliant reverberation. And the crispy beats mingling with surreal melodies seems like a trademark sound of Lette! Be it her track All That or Ride, Lette seems to be consciously sprinkling the creative amalgamation of amazing tones that asserts that Lette Weaver is here to stay!

Her discography is now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming platforms.

About the artist: Aside from being a music artist, Lette Weaver (creator of Tha TreeHouz) is an entertainer, podcaster, author, influencer, content creator, mental health advocate and spiritual Life Coach. Upon being diagnosed with mental illness and an autoimmune disease, She has created a platform to spread cultural awareness and elevate other Black voices, while bringing more awareness to social issues that our culture faces.

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