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Probably after I complete my new album I might perform live in concert! - Jiyar.

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Q. Congrats on the success of REQUIEM!

Thank you. The “REQUIEM” project was a great teamwork.

Q. What was the ideation behind this wonderful song?

This song is the inner call of all of us people on earth. Politicians which is a small group have made life difficult for the vast majority of people on this planet.

Q. What is your music making mantra?

The style you find in REQUIEM is what I love it, when you close your eyes and listen to REQUIEM then you see yourself in front of the big cinema screen, the song transports you to the deepest emotions of black and white cinema takes A mix of romance, drama, humanity will come alive before your eyes. REQUIEM has a message inside. This is the style I like to follow in my artistic life.

Q. Why is art important?

The real art is a living element. The deepest feelings of human beings that you cannot express in words. Art is an inspiration that comes from the heavens. It is a holy gift. True art is the language of the soul. And only such arts will last.

Q. Kindly tell our readers about your team.

Let me first thank my team. Thanks to dear Eszter Vegvari, her soft voice in REQUIEM added beauty and love to the song. And special thanks to dear Tim Stephenson for the effective narration, I believe he is one of the best. And many thanks to Alejandro Louvan, his voice is stunning in this REQUIEM.

Many thanks to dear Alan Anthony. He is a very talented composer.

I am proud to work with these artists.

“My mission is that all people find my music close to their sacred feelings. I love you all and I pray that Lord will give us a life full of love and a planet without war and poverty.” – Jiyar.

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