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Featured: Or Golan’s riveting track “I am Greedy”

Or Golan is a 24-year-old Israeli musician and composer.

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Hip Hop Only is today featuring artist Or Golan’s track. It is titled I am Greedy and is a splendid composition that is extremely sublime. The intro starts with throbbing bass and a phenomenal blend of beats that are exquisite. The melodic tones that he has utilized are nonpareil and extremely unconventional. However, the middle section of the song is what really showcases the ingrained experimental nature of the track. The subtle grooviness catches up brilliantly with the overall tonal realm, especially after the middle section. The jarring dissonance is another vital element that Or Golan has sprinkled across the entirety of the track.

By the time we reach the end of the track, that feeling of “what next” certainly cajoles us. And add to that the break that is implemented with unconventional synth sounds which is truly remarkable. The mix is not linear albeit the sequential nature of the tones might make it sound as if non-linear. But it is definitely all springing from the creativity of the artist. We would also like to mention Or Golan’s tracks titled Done Here and Open Mind – a more simplified yet totally experimental vibe is also established. Still, I am Greedy is a unique trajectory that the artist is embarking on in order to express that subdued feelings.

Lastly, a question arises whether we can define or label Or Golan’s music into a genre. Well, there is no straight answer to that as I am Greedy is a kind of amalgamation of numerous trendy yet different tonalities. A sound that is not what we usually hear in the mainstream musical realm. However, the deep-rooted creative component is intact throughout the track. In fact, pick up any of Or Golan’s tracks and that innate and essential artistic caliber is quite audible!

Or Golan’s track I am Greedy is now streaming on YouTube and Spotify.

About the artist: Or Golan is a 24-year-old Israeli musician and composer. And has released three full albums: Superstar Baby, Dance of Love and Dahabha Everything

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