Aaron Reflex

Aaron Reflex releases the official music video of his new single “On”

Check out the video on YouTube now!

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Aaron Reflex is back with a new music visual for his hit single “On”. The music videos displays Aaron creativity while he performs his song in different scenes accompanied by beautiful models. Aaron can also be seen playing the piano in the music video. The music video is definitely well put together and fits the vibe of the song perfectly. 

The music video shows the creativity of the artist. The transitions are very good in the video and it’s definitely something we think you should check out. 

Aaron is a complex artist and has a catalog of great music that sounds unique. Aaron is independent and verified on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Triller, and more. This young artist has ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset. Aaron is featured on many networks, television, and radio all over the country and internationally. The French, Senegalese, New York born music artist recently released a music new project called “On”.  People have been responding well to the new project by making reaction videos on YouTube; TikToks, and reels on social media. Songs on the new project include songs such as “Flex”, “Pull Up”, “Bank”, “Tony Montana” and more. 








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Shot by: https://instagram.com/miisteranderson

Beat Prod by: https://www.instagram.com/therealgoyahofficial/

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