Featured: FITZTWINZ’s new single “Summertime Vibes”

Do check out the wonderful official music video of the single on YouTube!

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Hip Hop Only is today featuring independent artists FITZTWINZ’s new single. It is titled Summertime Vibes and is a stunning musical extravaganza altogether! The intro is totally cajoling with exquisite melodic tones. The cascading synths and beats blend amazingly well. What allured us into this single is the sublime yet powerful delivery by FITZTWINZ. Their evocative vocals and flow certainly mesmerizes us. The transitions are surreal that evokes a distinct vibe. The lyricism conveys the summer vibes quite adequately! An ideal party banger with scintillating arrangement it seems Summertime Vibes will surely be added onto many playlists across the globe!

And therefore Hip Hop Only highly recommends this single which is now streaming on major music streaming platforms.

For this single the duo collaborated with producers ACED & DBS1 and engineer Mixedbymixtri.

About the artist: FITZTWINZ are the known as the hottest twins to come out of Australia! They have been labelled the most sought after Independent artists in the southern hemisphere just in a few short months. Their debut single has amassed over 3 million across all platforms.

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