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Music Review ‘Mi Vida’ by cp howes

The song is well received wherever it plays, and it is also doing well on SoundCloud.

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There are those who say that music is a young person’s endeavor. Don’t tell that to septuagenarian cp howes of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Howes is a retired technical writer turning his talents into more creative pursuits. A poet and amateur musician, he became interested in songwriting about six years ago when he and a few friends would gather in his basement for weekly jam sessions. But Covid ended the gatherings, which forced Howes to venture out alone. And venture he did!

Over the last few years, he has produced some very entertaining work. He has experimented with several musical genres, including Blues, R&B, Spoken Word, and Hip-hop! His newest release ‘Mi Vida’ chronicles the significant events of his life, starting with the Cuban Missile Crisis through the Covid pandemic and the election of Joe Biden. It is a history lesson told in the meter of hip-hop.

‘Mi Vida’ has played on several Wisconsin radio stations and in Baltimore, MD. Although it has not been introduced to the West coast yet, he says his one-person marketing team is working on it. The song is well received wherever it plays, and it is also doing well on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/charles-preston-howes/tracks ) Bandcamp (https://cphowes.bandcamp.com/), and Songbay (https://songbay.co/portfolio/41700). He does music videos, too. You can see those on his YouTube channel at (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3oM6UYYbcNx_-QdP5NzvFQ).

Howes says he is primarily a poet and lyricist who has no illusions of becoming a superstar or starting a clothing line but would be interested in hooking up with a young band looking for exclusive original material.

Give the guy a listen. I’m pretty sure that you’ll be impressed.

Maxx Foxx

Maxx Foxx is a music critic for Indie Artists. You can reach out to him on Twitter @MaximillianFoxx

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